Rose Delacourt


Donations are for my time and companionship only.

I appreciate when it is offered at the beginning of our tryst, in an unsealed envelope. Should we be meeting in a public setting, discretion can be maintained by placing it inside a nice gift card, gift bag or better yet, your favorite book.

As a travelling companion, and a dedicated business owner, I carefully examine the market I am visiting before setting my donations. Therefore, you will find four different price tables below, depending on the city I am visiting.

Note that the main currency is CAD, but should you only have USD handy, then I will gladly accept it at a 1:1 ratio.

For couples, please add 100$/h.

If you are interested in a Fly me to you or an extended date, contact me for a tailored quote.

I now offer filming at 20$/min, pending extra-screening and the signature of a non-disclosure agreement.

Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa & Halifax

Duration Donation
1 Hour 350 CAD
1.5 Hours 500 CAD
2 Hours 700 CAD
3 Hours 1000 CAD
4 Hours 1200 CAD
Dinner Date (4 Hours) 1000 CAD
Overnight (14 Hours) 3200 CAD
The Whole Day (24 Hours) 5200 CAD
The Weekend (48 Hours) 9500 CAD

Toronto & Vancouver

Duration Donation
30 Minutes 300 CAD
1 Hour 400 CAD
1.5 Hours 600 CAD
2 Hours 800 CAN
3 Hours 1100 CAD
4 Hours 1300 CAD
Dinner Date (4 Hours) 1100 CAD
Overnight (14 Hours) 3600 CAD
The Whole Day (24 Hours) 6000 CAD
The Weekend (48 Hours) 10000 CAD

United States

Duration Donation
1 Hour 700 USD
1.5 Hours 1000 USD
2 Hours 1400 USD
3 Hours 2000 USD
4 Hours 2600 USD
Dinner Date (4 Hours) 2000 USD
Overnight (14 Hours) 6300 USD
The Whole Day (24 Hours) 10000 USD
The Weekend (48 Hours) 14000 USD