Rose Delacourt


1. Cancellation

I understand that life happens. Please treat our date as any other kind of professional appointment. I expect you to let me know at least 48 hours before the start time of our encounter.

If you cancel within less than 48 hours, I will require a 50% cancellation fee transferred via email or a gift card of my choice in order for us to reschedule. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the date, I will require the full fee.

As a touring companion, I incur additional costs in order to visit your city. Please recognize that tours are planned on the basis of mutual commitment. For this reason, and to facilitate planning, I request a 25% deposit in order to hold any appointments for tours. Should I have to cancel a tour or appointment for any reason, your deposit will be returned to you.

Given that I have already shown my care and commitment to you by travelling, expending effort, and incurring expenses, cancellations on your part do not result in a refund of deposit.

2. Hygiene

I think it’s safe to say that you want me to look my best for you. I love getting ready for a meeting. When I open the door, meet you at your place, or even when I’m meeting you in a public setting; I’ll always look my best. Expect me to be freshly showered with tasteful make up and dressed to match to occasion. It’s only fair for me to request the same care and attention from you.

I host from an upscale condo in Winnipeg and Montreal or a beautiful hotel room when touring. You are expected to freshen up so I will always provide toiletries and a shower. Due to past experiences, I reserve the right to ask you to leave or clean up again if I feel that I haven’t been respected in that manner.

3. Punctuality

As we plan our little escapade, I save some time for us and plan my day accordingly. Therefore, if you are late to our date but I was ready on time, it will end at the agreed time. However, if I’m the one running a little behind, then the duration will be as previously agreed.

4. Donation & Gifts

When meeting in a private setting (my place or yours), I expect the envelope at the beginning of our encounter and will verify it when you go freshen up. If we are meeting in a restaurant, please hand it to me in a gift bag or a nice card. We will then be able to focus on each other, worry-free.

Presents are not expected but always welcomed. I love knowing that my lover took some time outside of our date to make me happy. If you need suggestions, please have a look at my wishlist.

5. Screening for United States

As laws in the US are much stricter than those in Canada, my screening will be more thorough. I will expect from my lovers either one recent (less than 6 months) reference from a reputable provider or full employment information paired with an ID.