Rose Delacourt


Please know that I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Due to receiving a high volume of inquiries, I strongly recommend filling my contact form with all the information I require. I adore getting to know my suitors before planning a date, so do not shy away from a witty or lenghty introduction! I am passport ready and open to meeting you wherever you are with proper notice, of course. Lastly, as we are about to embark a lovely journey together, I expect our communication to be compassionate, efficient and respectful. Any incomplete, lewd or otherwise inappropriate message will not be tolerated.

Availability in Canada & Beyond

Although I am based in Canada, I love to broaden my horizons and make new acquaintances. Included below are the dates I am available in various cities. Specific dates for US cities are provided after screening. If you find yourself wanting to meet me, but I don’t plan a trip to your home, I also offer Fly Me To You.

Location Dates
Montreal October 18 - October 27
Toronto November 2 - November 5
USA November 5 - November 16
Montreal November 17 - November 30
Halifax November 30 - December 3
Winnipeg December 3 - December 20