Rose Delacourt

About Me

Rose Delacourt was created from a place of love.

I have always thrived on human interactions and on making people feel at ease in my presence. I am by no means a shy person, quite the opposite actually. I carry myself in a fashion that leaves no doubts as to where I want to go and how I plan on getting there. I am a hard-worker and a fierce partner. I am not for the faint of heart, but should you treat me the right way, you will find me very nurturing and loving. I care deeply and I invest myself fully in the people I meet. Those who spend time with me say that they feel like they have known me forever, and instantly find a friend in me. What is better than a deep connection that blooms into something meaningful and life-altering?

Over six years ago, I stumbled into this beautiful world of companionship and I instantly knew this was where I belonged. The 9 to 5 had never appealed to me as I prefer my life ever-changing and full of surprises. Little did I know that I would flourish with every single meeting; each person teaching me something new and making me a better human. I would not ever want to change vocation; and if you enjoy meeting someone who is truly passionate about what they do, then you have found the perfect partner in crime.

When I am not changing lives and making new friends, you will find me in the gym, lifting heavy weights. Being an athlete is a cornerstone of who I am and has given me a confidence and work ethic I apply to every aspect of my life. I do not shy away from challenges; and would be more than happy to take you out of your comfort zone. Whether you want someone to share a deep conversation over a bottle of wine at dinner; or simply provide you with a safe space to finally breathe, be yourself, and let someone take the lead for a moment, I got you!

If I have piqued your interest and you find yourself intrigued about spending time in my company, it would be my absolute pleasure to enrich your day and allow you to escape the buzzing and sometimes hectic everyday life. Being part of my life is an adventure I hope you will look back on fondly, whether it is for a brief encounter or whatever we choose it to be.

Yours truly,

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Your presence is all I need to be happy; however it never hurts to have a little something to remember you by. In case you need some inspiration, I’ve listed some things below that I especially love and enjoy.

Petite pensée

  • Dark chocolate
  • Fair-Trade whole coffee beans
  • Catnip toys (for my fur babies)
  • Red wine (Côtes-du-Rhône, Malbec or better yet, surprise me)
  • Champagne for day time dates


Clothing Size Large
Bras 34C
Shoes 39.5
Panties & suspenders Size 4-5