My name is Rose Delacourt, but you probably already know that. You may simply call me Rose. I am passionate about living. I love the small things like the smell of fresh coffee, clean clothes and a smile. I also love the big things like travelling, making people laugh, a sunset and an orgasm. I am open-minded, easy going and refreshingly uncomplicated.


I'm the kind of person you meet and you feel you've known forever. For a tiny moment, you enter my world and leave your worries at the door. Let me take you to Wonderland, where you are my king and my everything. It's rare that we let ourselves truly be spoiled. That we allow someone to take the driver seat for a moment. Believe me, it’s one of the best things in the world!

You were charmed the moment you saw me, my genuine smile, my down-to-earth writing style. Maybe you read about me and how special a date with me is. You wondered what all the fuss was about. You took the plunge.

Fast-forward to our first date. You arrive a bit too early and so do I. I put a lot of time into looking my best to please you. As soon as I open the door, you're taken aback by my warmth, my easy-going personality and by how much better I look in person. You're still a bit nervous but with some talking, you finally understand why I'm so different.
The rest is history.